7+ years of experience

Full Stack Developer

React Native
7+ years of experience

Versatile Full Stack Developer with 7+ years of experience using JavaScript technologies with React/Ember.js/Node.js/React Native, as well as Java and database modeling. Hands-on experience in architecting and implementing distributed microservice systems using multiple technologies. A detail-oriented, hard-working person who strives to stay updated on the latest tech practices. The candidate's top goal is to bring growth for companies.

Work experience

Full Stack Developer

(August 2021 — Present)

Technical Lead

(August 2019 — August 2021)

Developing a product that provides Banking and Payment as Service; it enables
companies to provide banking, payment, and card products simply and efficiently 2x times faster than regular banks
Its role as Technical Lead is to lead:
1. two mobile teams
2. two web teams that were working on various APIs that the company provides
and take full ownership of part of the system

Technologies: Node.js, React.js, React Native, MySql, Postgres, Microservices, GraphQl, Chai, Serverless Framework, DynamoDB, AWS Lambda

Full Stack Developer

(April 2018 — April 2020)

Developing a next-generation platform that manages one restaurant, a group of
restaurants or chains of restaurants in one place, with full integration for more than
20 POS systems and leading accounting and payroll solutions, also includes
next-generation inventory management in real-time and Analytics

As Full Stack Developer
1. Worked on state-of-the-art analytics system for complete restaurant and
restaurants chain management
2. Built from scratch React Native application for inventory management which
can be accessed on IOS and Android mobile or tablet devices

Technologies used: React.js, React Native, Ember.js, Java Play, MySql, AWS,

Full Stack Developer

(June 2017 — May 2018)

Developing an easy-to-use app to handle bookkeeping, invoicing, and salaries.
Through an AI system, it can automatically handle customer expenses and keep its
costs down.

As Full Stack Developer
1. Built from scratch internal Documentation system for company' employees and
clients, think of it as Github for Documents with all versioning capabilities as
Github repos
2. Was part of a team that was maintaining and adding new features in
React Native mobile application, which is used by more than 10.000 users

Technologies: React.js, Node.js, React Native, Graphql, Postgres, Microservices, Chai, Serverless Framework, DynamoDB, AWS Lambda

Full Stack Developer

(January 2016 — June 2017)

Working for a consulting company whose clients mainly come from Australia, India, and EU.
As Full Stack Developer candidate has been working on different kinds of projects from small utility web applications to enterprise platforms ordered by clients.

Technologies: React.js, Node.js, Ruby On Rails, MySql, MongoDB, Postgres, Sockets, AWS, Google Cloud


BsC in Software Engineering, Univerzitet Metropolitan, Beograd,

(October 2016 — February 2021)

Computer Science and Mathematics, High School Jovan Skerlic,
Vladicin Han, Serbia

(September 2011 — September 2015)

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