9+ years of experience

Senior Node.js Software Engineer

9+ years of experience

Advanced level Node.js developer with more than 9 years of experience in coding is looking for a new challenge where its tech knowledge and leadership skills could be used. Experienced in PHP, C#, .Net, and Java as well. Currently, the candidate works as a Technical Lead and is passionate about setting up architecture and making technical decisions. As a new career challenge, the candidate seeks a role where there's an opportunity to be not only a Node.js developer but also a tech lead, team lead, or ideally - both.

Work experience

Technical Lead / Senior Engineer

(January 2021 - current)

Maintaining old micro-service-based code base. Planned, architect, and executed tasks regarding code implementation, new features and bug fixes. Utilizing a modern tech stack with a focus on cloud-based computing.

Technologies: NodeJS, TypeScript, MongoDB/DocumentDB, Redis, RabbitMQ, Firebase, GCloud/AWS

Senior Software Engineer

(March 2019 - January 2021)

Maintained and enhanced old code base. Introduced multiple new features and systems. Planned and organized coding- elaboration with other senior members. Worked on various technologies for the same software solution due to its complexity.

Technologies: NodeJS, TypeScript, PostgreSQL (AWS RDS), ElasticSearch, Redis, RabbitMQ, BullMQ (using redis), NGINX

Tech Lead / Senior Engineer

(October 2017 - March 2019)

Worked on multiple projects involving video streaming, high data provider, and custom cryptocurrency (smart contract) solutions. Created fully configurable (drag n drop) template creating tool, with the ability to specify each element's source and their behaviors using ReactJS.

Technologies: PHP, NodeJS, PosgreSQL & MySQL, Redis, RabbitMQ, ElasticSearch, Ethereum Smart Contract, ReactJS, .NET C#

Javascript Developer

(November 2016 - October 2017)

Maintained old code base. Introduced plugins for Jupiter notebook in typescript.

Technologies: TypeScript, Jupyter Notebook, PostgreSQL, Redis

Javascript Developer

(March 2016 - November 2016)

Worked on maintaining and enhancing API and client for an application. Planned and developed fully configurable and dynamic portions of a web app (footer based on the current page, sidebar content based on historical data, etc.

Technologies: NodeJS, BackboneJS + Marionette JS, MySQL, Redis

Tech Lead and Engineer

(Jun 2015 - March 2016)

Created and maintained advertising analytics tools. Worked on windows (OS) service development. Maintained old code base. Planned, architect, and executed version 2 of the advertising API and additional usage tools.

Technologies: PHP, NodeJS, Redis, MySQL, .NET C# + WinForms

PHP Developer

(November 2014 - Jun 2015)

Maintaining and improving secure and easy-to-use passwords managing API.

Technologies: Symfony 2 (PHP), JavaScript (Browser), MySQL, Redis, Memcache

Junior Software Engineer

(August 2013 - November 2014)

Maintained old code base. Provided bug fixed. Implemented new features. Created automated front-end testing framework and UI tools for creating tests and providing proper result statistics.

Technologies: PHP, JavaScript (Browser & NodeJS), MySQL, Memcached, Redis, Ruby, Selenium Driver


Tehnoart Beograd, CNC Technician

(September 2009 - May 2013)

ITAcademy, Java Developer


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