11+ years of experience

React Native Developer

React Native
11+ years of experience

With more than 11 years in programming and 3+ years of experience working in React Native, this candidate is ready to take on new challenges! If you have a project and you lack a React Native Developer, maybe this is just the right match! The candidate is experienced in leading a team and mentorship and is willing to take a similar career path in the future and develop its skills further.

Work experience

Team lead, developer, and app architect

(September 2019 - present)
  • Developing iOS and Android apps for news portals

  • They use WordPress as a backend to store news and React Native for developing apps for Android and ios.

  • WordPress is powered by ACF for customization purposes. The whole admin panel was developed according to client requests. User friendly and easily maintainable by regular people who write news on a daily basis.

Technologies: React Native, WordPress

Frontend Developer and Team Lead

(August 2015 - September 2019)
  • Technologies used for development are React.js, HTML with SCSS (we developed HTML and CSS framework called Wall-e), and javascript framework (Eve – based on React.JS)

  • Developing iOS and Android apps using React Native for controlling hotel rooms. Opening doors, controlling the air conditioner, lights...

Technologies: React.js,HTML,SCSS,Oracle, MySQL, AWS

Frontend Developer

(September 2014 - August 2015)
  • Developing websites for the betting industry and managing and establishing a team of front-end developers.

  • Candidate started in this company in order to establish frontend team and help company to improve quality of their products.

Full-stack Developer

(September 2011 - March 2017)
  • Developed presentational websites and developed more than 100 websites

Technologies: PHP, MySQL, HTML,CSS, Javascript

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