8+ years of experience

Product Manager/Owner

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8+ years of experience

Product Manager and Owner who is a real team player and is willing to go the extra mile to achieve the best results. Now seeking a new career opportunity where all its skills such as planning, organizing, doing the stats, encouraging, and maintaining good communication could be utilized.

Work experience

DevOps Technical Product Manager 

(2021 – Present)

Responsibilities are to coordinate more than 20 different stakeholders across the company and help the team deliver the infrastructure for needed projects that follow the company's global guidelines and rules of DevOps principles.

With a technical background, a candidate is bridging the gap between business requirements and engineering implementation and managed to save both time and resources on both sides.

Product owner

(2018 – 2021)

Responsibilities were primarily to oversee and develop an in-house product. Plan, develop and deploy features and keep all the project teams on track by the roadmap. Worked with multiple teams from development to marketing and sales, as well as managing the external vendors for products.

As a result of it's work, the product expanded to a new market, providing a whole new functionality layer that includes strict PCI DSS compliance from the financial business sector.

Solution Architect 

(2017 – 2021)

Responsibilities were primarily to communicate with Project managers, clients and lead developers to provide roadmaps and plans for project development. Also, work was advisory based for ongoing projects and teams, to perfect the workflows and adapt to requirement changes.

Accomplishment would be that one of the teams successfully developed a solution for cutting-edge technology, and the product was ready before the official technology launch in the fall of 2019.

Technical coordinator 

(2016 – 2018)

This role included communication between lead developers, project managers, and upper management. The candidate used the Matrix structure approach for organizing resources and people in the company. Based on requirements, they were forming dedicated teams to fit the needs of the required workload. It's responsibilities were to track and manage the project teams, distribute workload, and follow up on the results to improve and help management define strategies in various areas. Also, worked with the HR department on planning and acquiring talented developers for their big team.

Front-end Technical coordinator


Responsibilities included coordinating all the front-end developers in the company, implementing the Matrix organization structure, and allocating resources for various projects. Besides that, the candiadte led a team that set up the internship and advancement programs inside the company across multiple office locations.

Accomplishment would be that system to organize and coordinate a team of 50+ developers, a system that includes hiring, testing skills, allocating resources, and planning the internal education of developers.

Lead Front-end Developer


Worked with a team of 5 highly skilled Front-End developers on a long-term project. Primary responsibilities were to integrate the team into the existing development workflow and manage the team's workload according to the project development plan. As a result of their teamwork, the product owner requested multiple teams besides theirs to be formed and start working on more products for the same client.

Front-end Developer 


Worked primarily on HTML and CSS for all kinds of projects, from simple CMS to large-scale projects with complex integrations and high demands. Also worked on design and WordPress customizations (including PHP and MySQL)

Web Consultant freelance work 


Worked with end-user clients for a complete web presence - from design via HTML functionality to creating custom CMS and online presence advice.

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